Aesthetics & functional texturing

STAT has the flexibility to produce a wide range of surface finishes for functional texturing or aesthetic purposes on any conductive material such as aluminium and titanium.

Laser texturing  vs STAT

With laser surface texturing on materials such as aluminium, the surface is thermally loaded and ablation leads to edge burns. This compromises tribological performance.

In contrast, STAT’s patented technology produces no burr, creates no surface damage, thus requiring no further finishin, and reducing costs and processing time

Laser texturing leading to edge burs.
STAT produces no edge burs

Spiral micro grooves

We were asked by air bearing specialists, Omega Dot to texture spiral micro grooves of 12 micronmeters depth for applications of 140,000 rpm.

STAT results in no burrs and creates no thermal damage to the surrounding surfaces. making it the idea solution and its environmentally sound credentials were also key reasons for Omega Dot to select TextureJet.

"TextureJet offers a more sustainable method of producing accurate micro grooves compared to lasering"