Process efficiencies

Cost efficiency through process streamlining is vital to success in modern high-value manufacturing, therefore many industries are seeking alternative methods of surface preparation to replace legacy processes.
This is where we can help.

Utilising our patented technology means that surface processing can be reduced from a complex multi-stage process to a one-step technique that can be carried out in-situ as part of the production process, significantly reducing a factory’s footprint and reducing associated costs.

Legacy processes typically require pre-process masking to shield the non-machine areas, however our technology can directly write complex geometries onto the surface area, leaving the remainder of surfaces unaffected and undamaged.

Our technology removes the need for masking prior to surface treatment. In comparison, grit blasting requires masking to avoid damage to those areas not required to be textured. This typically adds a minimum of 2x the machining time to set up to the overall processing time and notably, the masking set up time required increases exponentially as the size and complexity of the part increase

Texturejet process